Biotechnology 2019, Malaysia Summit is a premier conference which considers all aspects of the multidisciplinary field. The scope of the conference includes biotechnology principles and applications in industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental concerns and regulatory issues. Abstracts are invited on the current developments and future trends in biotechnology are empathized. A wide range audience of scientists, engineers and others is addressed. Students, instructors, researchers, practitioners, managers, governments and related stakeholders. The conference will accept papers ranging from genetic or molecular biological positions to those covering biochemical, chemical or bioprocess engineering aspects as well as computer application of new software concepts, provided that in each case the material is directly relevant to biotechnological systems. The following topics will be covered in the conference such as Nucleic Acids, Molecular Biology Physiology, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, CRISPR, CRISPR-CAS9 Technologies, Industrial Processes, New Products Medical Biotechnology Agro and Food Biotechnology, Genomics and Bioinformatics.

CRISPR 2019 stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, which are the hallmark of a bacterial defense system that forms the basis for CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing technology. Genetic Engineering is the direct manipulation of an organism's genes including heritable and non-heritable recombinant DNA constructs.

Larix international is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting research and educational opportunities at the interface of medical, life sciences and Engineering. Larix international provides an important international forum that brings together cross-disciplinary scientists from academia, nonprofit organizations, government, and industry to communicate new research and help translate the power of biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

Larix international is delighted to invite you to attend the International Conferences on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, one of its remarkable conferences, to be held during November 23&24, 2019 in Malaysia. Malaysia is emphasizing on recent areas of more optimized research techniques in Biotech and Genetic technologies.

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